June 4th, 2017

Maker Depot Academy is pleased to announce our second annual MakerFest 2017 in Totowa, NJ.

In addition to our amazing workshop, we also travel a lot, teaching & sharing our love of the Maker culture and decided it was our turn to host a community event at our Totowa MakerSpace.

Please join us for a day of maker activities, live demonstrations, food, and music from Maker Depot, its members, and local exhibitors.

We're really excited to share a partial list of our exhibitors:

  • Tesla Science Center

  • Ohana Creative

  • Twisted Creativity

  • Crooked Teeth Keys

  • Hebrew Hammer Blacksmith

  • Newark Museum Makerspace

  • and many more.

We will have many different opportunities to get your hands dirty as we have learn to solder classes, create your own video game, Virtual Reality room, programming a Raspberry Pi, and much more.

Maker Depot is a 6,000+ square-foot, member-based workshop designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, skilled workers, artists, makers, hobbyists, DIYers and students. Our makerspace includes machinery, hand tools, computers, and computer peripherals not readily available to individuals due to cost and space. Our goal is to provide resources and knowledge for technological experimentation, idea prototyping, crafting, learning, and creating in a community environment where the only limit is your imagination.

Note: all proceeds collected will go to the costs of running the makerfest. Any residual money collected will be donated to Maker Depot Academy, and our commitment of bringing STEM/STEAM to NJ Schools.

For further information, please visit



(862) 245-3805


60F Commerce Way
Totowa, NJ 07512, USA

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