We are Maker Depot Academy, a Non-Profit STEAM Center registered as a 501(c)(3). We are housed within the Maker Depot, a 6,100 square foot public makerspace, which has a full wood shop, metal shop and fabrication lab containing 3D printers, laser cutter and more.

At Maker Depot Academy we take the formality out of the classroom.  Our approach is a more project oriented way of teaching.  Our approach allows the students and teachers to be more involved.  


As a new startup, we are always looking for donations and sponsorship to allow us to fulfill our goals. If you have any equipment (Laptops, desktops, monitors, woodworking, metalworking, etc.) and would like to donate to the Maker Depot Academy, please send an email to donation@makerdepotacademy.org or call us at 862-245-3805.


If you are looking at giving money to Maker Depot Academy, we have a Crowdrise campaign that you can use to donate any amount. Please go to www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/maker-depot-academy to make your donation.



(862) 245-3805


60F Commerce Way
Totowa, NJ 07512, USA

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