Design Thinking

The future in which educators are preparing students for is very blurry.  We need to create problems solvers for a future that is yet to be determined.  However, through the use of the Design Thinking process, educators can help students utilize a tool to get them through real-world problems and situations.  Through adopting design thinking, schools and districts can begin to prepare tomorrow's problems solvers.  


In this module, educators and facilitators will be taken through an experiential and hands-on workshop/classes of the Teachers Guild Design Thinking Process and challenges.  The module will begin with what is Design Thinking and the different versions in the world.  We will analyze the models best suited for education and how the Teachers Guild approaches Design Thinking.  Educators/Facilitators will learn how to incorporate Design Thinking into their classrooms and how to construct hands-on activity challenges.  Along the way through this module, we will integrate and expose educators/facilitators to some Design Thinking educational tools such as the Design Thinking for Educators toolkit and The Extraordinaires!  

3D Design / Printing

A big key to a future full of technology is the idea of designing and rapid prototyping.  In schools, materials such as clay and everyday items can be used for prototyping.  However, with the technology and affordability of 3D printing and 3D design, educators can incorporate this new technology into their everyday classrooms and allow their student creative ideas and expressions to become a physical 3D item!


In this module, educators/facilitators will be introduced and experience the world of 3D design and printing!  In addition, each participant will receive their own 3D printer that they will be able to work with. Educators/Facilitators will be guided by best classroom practices and integration of 3D design and printing. Through this thorough dive into 3D printing, educators will learn how to use this machine as an educational tool to transform learning.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi....


With the Maker Movement sweeping the country and education speeding to create Makerspaces, the Maker Depot Academy Maker Champion program module is meant to help educators/facilitators understand the mindset and steps in creating a makerspace in the classroom and schools.  Through the understanding of the makerspace process and mindset, educators/facilitators will be able to assist their districts in creating and rolling out makerspaces.


In this module, educators/facilitators will be guided in what a makerspace is and how its is utilized in the classroom.  We will explore the process of the creation of a makerspace and how to spread it out through a school district.  We will explore the various different tools and options when looking to invest in creating a makerspace.  Through the integration of creating lessons that utilize a makerspace for ideas and creativity to come to life, educators can help lead the maker movement and innovation in your school district.

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